I Think I Should Open a Bakery

And I’ll sell things like poppyseed swirl bread and chocolate cake. And other baked good I’ve posted about on this blog. Or ones I haven’t tried yet. And there will be coffee. And tea. And the walls will be lined with bookshelves filled with books about the science of baking and cooking and food in general. The ambiance will be a mix between my summer home in Woods Hole and my favorite restaurant back in California. But I’ll bring to it my own creative vision. A creative vision shaped and forever evolving from my own inspirations. Roy Choi and Jiro Ono, David Chang and Anthony Bourdain and Rene Redzepi….members of my extended family and my family. And maybe there will be a space for live music. I’ll hang art on the walls that don’t have bookshelves. If other fools can open restaurants and bakeries and coffee shops— and  make them work, and make them beautiful—so can this fool. I am not afraid of hard work. I am afraid of hard work on a path I don’t believe in. Of hard work in a realm I can’t succeed in.

It’s fun to dream.

Edit: (Nov, 2020): After working (HARD) for a year (just a year!) in the industry, I would like to reflect on my naiveté: while it is fun, SO fun, to dream, I now understand the mental and physical stress that separates running a business from cooking and baking and serving people for pleasure. They are not the same.

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