Third time making croissants at home! This time however, I only had salted butter and bread flour (historically better to use unsalted butter and AP flour). I actually didn’t expect these modifications to work, but since I could’t find too many sources talking  about how these alterations might impact the end product, I decided to go through the process of making croissants following my go to recipe without adding any extra salt (, seeing for myself what would happen.

A couple notes: 1. the croissants turned out solidly, and were totally edible and even good.  2. despite this, they could definitely be better. 3. They would absolutely benefit from AP flour and unsalted high quality butter (to better the taste & texture. These pictures don’t really show the fact that these croissants weren’t as savory and flakey as I had hoped they would be. 4. Better (and by that I mean longer) proofing next time. Until they jiggle on the baking tray.

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