Mini Chocolate Layer Cake Recipe

When it comes to kitchen adventures, cake making is my favorite project. I get to be creative, I get to make a celebratory dish to show love for the people I care about, and there is always leftover frosting to indulge myself in.

I love making all sorts of cakes, but I find myself coming back to this dense, smooth, rich, chocolatey layer cake more than any other. I have been developing my recipe for it for the past three years, with constant variation. I started with a recipe I found online for the cake (, then scaled it down to 50%, then scaled it down to 50% again, making adjustments as needed. I didn’t want to use cream cheese frosting for this particular cake, so instead used my grandmother’s dobos torte frosting recipe, again scaling down and making adjustments to my own taste as I went along. Every time I make this cake I try to give it a little something extra. In the photos above, you can see one cake made with edible flowers (forget me nots), and one cake made with alcohol soaked strawberries.

The following is my cake recipe thus far. It works for me because I understand my scattered notes, but I hope to continue editing/ recipe testing in order to come up with something less cryptic and more straightforward for anyone else trying to follow my notes.

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