Foraged Garlic Mustard & Wild Onion Pasta (Spring 2021)

Before I left the East Coast to move to the West Coast, I had one final foraging adventure: garlic mustard and wild onion! A real party of weeds and invasives, I know.

I added these side of the road finds to fresh pasta tossed with shishito peppers, lemon, and parmesan. Was there basil in there too? I couldn’t tell you. I cooked this over a year ago and am retroactively trying to update my blog despite gaps in my memory. I remember the meal being good but maybe a bit bitter from the garlic mustard. I thing going full on pesto would have been the better move for balancing flavors. It is something I will try next time!

This meal was not special because of any particularly exciting flavors or interesting foraging finds. It was special because it embodies the springtime goodness that is foraging and cooking in good company. In other words, the sharing of time, knowledge, and meals in the fresh spring air.

All these things are worth celebrating as far as i’m concerned.

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