Magnolias on My Mind (Spring 2022)

This Spring, I learned via Alexis Nikole Nelson (@blackforager) that Magnolia petals are edible. The discovery has been joy on my mind.

Recently I collected a few Magnolia petals for a few different gingery pink projects, namely pickles, kombucha, and lemonade. All three of these have acidic pH levels, which brought out beautiful hues of pink from the petals.

Kombucha: Jasmine green tea kombucha + julienned magnolia petals (add when bottling kombucha for carbonation and strain after 1-2 days)

Lemonade: Lemon juice + water + sugar + julienned magnolia petals (adjust ratios to your own taste. Strain petals after 1-2 days)

Pickles: rice vinegar + sugar + salt + julienned magnolia petals (heat up vinegar, salt, and sugar and pour over petals. Adjust ratios to your own taste).

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